A Holistic approach towards weight loss

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Let me start with a story.

Shrikant is a college student who has just completed his 12th board exams. As he was very much focused in studies and not into sports or fitness, his weight was touching 90 kgs. He wanted to lose weight and look fit while entering the college.

He joined the nearby gym and started working out. He could not afford a personal trainer or dietician. Therefore, he used to check online and try different types of diet. When he tried intermittent fasting, he was not able to fast and ended up snacking foods during the fasting time. When he tried Keto, he was comfortable eating more fats. But he didn’t increase his workout time and did the same exercises which he was doing earlier.

Another major mistake which he was doing was that he was focusing only on the belly region to lose weight.

Instead of losing weight, he ended up gaining another 2 kgs.

So, what did you learn from Shrikant’s mistakes?

Let us take a look at the holistic way to approach weight loss and learn from the mistakes done by Shrikant.

This article will be useful for people in their twenties and thirties who are looking to lose weight naturally and gradually.

  1. Diet

Information is available in plenty on the internet. You read information from various sources and become confused on what will work and what will not work for you. So, you try different types of diet as Shrikant did and end up ruining your health instead.

What you can do is, note down all the healthy vegetables, fruits that you like and is available in your area. Even if you do not like the taste of any vegetable, include it, as it will be filled with nutrients. Similarly, if you are a non-vegetarian, note down all the items you like.

Once you note down, check the nutritional value of each of these items by searching online. This will give you an idea of how much proteins, carbohydrates and fats you are consuming. Include these healthy items to you diet and prepare a diet chart for yourself.

You can discuss pre-workout and post-workout diet casually with the trainers of your gym. You do not need a personal trainer for this.

If you are following Keto or intermittent fasting, first thing is to get your mindset ready. If you are eating more healthy fats, eat in moderation and exercise more. If you are fasting, follow it completely without munching any snacks in between.

Finally, if you are very much concerned about your diet and not able to manage yourself, then consult a nutritionist if you have the financial resources.

  1. Exercise

When it comes to exercise, do not become completely dependent on gym to reduce your weight. If it is combined with outdoor sports, the outcome will be much better.

Run on a treadmill but go for a jog as well. If you are using the exercise bike in gym, go for normal cycling as well.

Even if you want to lose weight in one region of your body, it is better to do whole body workout and concentrate more on the region you want to lose weight rather than exercising only on one part. Therefore, workout holistically.

Another solution is to combine gym with Yoga/Pilates/Zumba whichever comfortable.

If you do not have the resources or don’t want to spend money, brisk walking and jogging is the best exercise ever. That too if done in the morning, it will keep you energized for the whole day.

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  1. Mental health stability

Diet and exercise won’t work if you have mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, etc. Therefore, do what you like such as pursuing your hobbies and so on. Take out time for yourself and relax. Once you are focused, diet and exercise together will do wonders.

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  1. Sleep

Sleep is very important for weight loss. If you are unable to sleep, then some action has to be taken to cure it. You may end up gaining weight if you do not sleep properly and may tend to eat unhealthy foods. Good sound sleep of 6-8 hours will fasten you weight loss process.

  1. Massage

If you can go to a spa/massage center like once in two weeks or monthly basis, it will help in improving blood circulation in your body. If some muscle is getting repaired, the process will happen faster.

After exercise, if possible, take a steam bath. This will also improve the blood circulation in your body and will help in healing of any broken skin tissue.

  1. Do not expect immediate outcome

It takes time. Patience is the key. Just be consistent with your diet and exercise. To know if the diet and exercise is working or not, observe for 1 to 1.5 months and then modify accordingly. Keep motivating yourself and do not lose hope.

If you are following some bodybuilder or actor and want to become like them, that thinking is not right. Accept your body and the physique you have. Every person is unique in their own way.

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The current generation want results in a faster way. Therefore, quick methods will give results instantly but in long term, it would not prove beneficial. Therefore, think long term. Start working on your fitness now but focus on gradual and natural weight loss so that it can benefit you on a long-term basis.

People may body shame you now but you must be focused and motivated towards your goal of getting fit and losing weight in a holistic manner. Ignore all the comments that people pass.

When you will achieve your goal, the same people will start asking you about your transformation and will appreciate you.

The first kilo of weight which you lose will be the hardest. But it also acts as a motivator to lose the further kilograms of weight.

Start your holistic weight loss journey right away.

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